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E-Resource highlight -- lynda.com.

Faculty and Students are encouraged to register online. Here is the link http://www.iadt.ie/en/InformationServices/Accessinglyndacom/

See below for a selection of related FAQs.

What is lynda.com?

Lynda.com is a library of online training and tutorial videos for software, design, and business skills. It is available to both students and staff.

How do I access lynda.com on campus? Students and staff

How do I access lynda.com off campus? -- Students and staff

  • Go to lynda.com, select Login through your “organization or school” box.
  • Type iadt.ie in this box. Note….please be patient while you are being redirected to the IADT Lynda.com login screen and log in as before.

How do I use it?

Once you are logged in you can
  • search for videos by subject or software brand name, and then bookmark your favourite courses.
  • There are clear instructions and helpful videos through the 'Support' drop-down menu on the top-right of the screen. There is also a 'how to use Lynda.com' training module in lynda.com.
  • Exercise files allow you to test your progress, and you can print out 'certificates of completion' once you have completed a course.
  • You can edit your profile details, including your name and e-mail address, to receive e-mail updates/newsletters.
  • If you have an Apple mobile device, you can install the lynda.com app and download courses to view later, when you don't have an internet connection/poor broadband connection.

Who can I contact if I’m having difficulties using Lynda.com?
If you are experiencing difficulties using lynda.com please contact the Library at infolib@iadt.ie.
The Library’s subscription to www.lynda.com is supported by the Higher Education Authority’s Additional ICT Places Scheme 2014.

Library Skills Toolbox Series

How to get a library 'PIN'
If you want to borrow books from the library you will need to set yourself up with a 'PIN' otherwise known as a password. Here's how you get one.
Introduction -
Here you will find some help getting a PIN. Please read the page carefully, and if this does not help you then please contact the Library
You will need to give yourself a PIN number the first time you try to log onto the library system. For example, you will need a ’PIN’ to issue books to yourself on any one of the three Self-Service Kiosks.
You will also need a ‘PIN’ to ’View Your Record’
If you are having a problem remembering your PIN, please contact the Library for assistance.
If your PIN is not working, this could be because your account is blocked or your membership has expired. Please either email the Library - or if you are on campus drop into the library and come to the ‘Information Desk’.
To give yourself a PIN number follow the instructions below.
Instructions -
  • Go to ’View your record’
  • Enter your name exactly as it in on your Student or Staff ID card.
  • Enter your Student or Staff number as it is on your Student or Staff card but without the letter ‘N’ - (for Students), or ‘DL’ – (for Staff). In each case replacing the alpha character ‘N’ with the numeric character ‘0’ – (for Students), or ‘00’ – (for staff).
  • Enter your self-assigned PIN number.
  • If you do not already have a PIN number, please choose one for yourself.
  • Enter it in the third box on the 'View your record' screen . It can be any combination of numbers and letters, but remember to keep it simple so you will remember it easily next time you want to borrow books.
  • Then click the submit button below it.
  • This will bring you to a page where you are asked to 're-enter' your PIN twice to verify it.
  • Do this, and then click the submit button again.
  • Once your pin has been activated it will bring you to your library record where you can do things like: modify your PIN, view your requests, and renew your loans where possible.

If you require further assistance please email the library or drop in, or telephone us at 01-2394637
  • PIN reset - Please note the 'pin reset' e-mail notification will automatically go to your IADT e-mail address. Please check this address for all e-mail from the library

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