ResearchScope - An Open Access portal to the research in Ireland

The widespread global interest in the movement toward open, public access to scholarly research results is steadily gaining momentum. ResearchScope is a national portal designed to raise the profile of Open Access research in Ireland by making it more visible. It is an attempt to broaden awareness/understanding of Open Access to research, on the part of research funders, the Irish higher education community and the general public. See: - To browse the repositories so far included see:

It works by harvesting information from research repositories, which present their records in an agreed standard called OAI-DC. By pulling this information together into one index and re-presenting them via ResearchScope as well as the original home repositories, the information is made more visible to web search engines.

It is worth noting that ResearchScope itself presents the aggregated data in this way and it can therefore be indexed itself by other services. See

Background to the project

ResearchScope is based on existing software produced by the Public Knowledge Project, a Canadian group based in Simon Frasier University. - See: With minor modifications to the layout and the addition of a graphical 'word cloud' search, - See: - the library in Waterford Institute of Technology have produced an appealing and useful single point of access to open access research in Ireland.

For more information contact: David Kane - WIT Libraries

See a presentation on ResearchScope in YouTube at -